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About Us

In business since 2008, Datawiz is backed by a team of experienced typists and proof-readers with over 20 years’ experience, skilled in a variety of industries.

Its Principal, who also has 20+ years industry experience, injects her own personal work/service philosophy throughout Datawiz to ensure you receive the highest standard of service.  Thus, the core objective of Datawiz is to treat your business and your clients with as high a regard as you yourself would.

Only typists with exceptional English language skills are recruited and we are already experienced in transcribing audio containing foreign and heavy accents.

We offer you our services in a personal yet professional manner so that you form a relationship with us as if we were your very own employee sitting alongside of you. Big enough to service your needs, yet small enough to ensure attention to your specific requirements and individual needs.

Contact me today to take full advantage of our prestigious work ethic and friendly personal service.
Marama Mcfadden, Principal – 0431 711 348