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Our typists are thoroughly trained, having completed the necessary terminology courses, and are highly experienced and skilled across the broad spectrum of the medical industry. Thus, we are able to provide transcripts in all specialties.

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We are experienced in, but not limited to, a wide variety of industries including: Legal – briefs, court documents Insurance – building assessor reports, site visits, valuations Government departments –

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  • Compliance to HIPAA guidelines ensures your patient details are safe and secure, and strict adherence to Australian Privacy Guidelines means client confidentiality is upheld at all times.
  • All reports are checked with the aim to achieve 100% accuracy.
  • Available nation-wide and internationally thanks to the simple and secure technology employed by our Sydney-based service.

Welcome to Datawiz

Datawiz provides an efficient medical and general transcription service, producing high quality documents with dedication to accuracy and attention to detail, while keeping client confidentiality at the forefront.

We will work with you to ensure your personalised needs are met, ensuring cost-effectiveness and punctuality to required deadlines. No job is too big or too small. We can transcribe a small one-off job or service your large ongoing needs.

Save yourself time and unnecessary expense by using our expert typists only when you need them, cutting out overhead expenses incurred when using in-house staff, and freeing up both yourself and your staff for more important tasks. Contact us today to find out just how much we can assist your business to function more efficiently and cost effectively.